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Little Buddy

This little guy was in horrible shape. I bought him for his original clothing. I actually threw him in the garbage.

I started restoring dolls to give the dumpster dolly's

a second chance so pulled him out the trash and the process began. I stripped his paint and glue composition and his restoration journey began.

After removing his "paint", the sanding began. This little guy had a lot of damage to his

wood composition and broken body parts. I glued his foot back on and repaired his compo damage that I couldn't sand out with a two part epoxy.

After a coat of primer, I could see what needed to be smoothed and sanded more. Buddy required the prime sand, repeat steps several times.

His hairline was a challenge. How do you replicate male pattern baldness with an airbrush? He was blushed in all the right places.

His original clothing was washed and carefully mended. It's not perfect, but part of his charm.

He didn't have a hat, so I made him a replica hat with label. Fortunately, I have another Buddy with his original hat. This is the first hat I made. I went to the goodwill and found an old cotton denim men's shirt for future hats. The fabric is more authentic looking. I will be posting a link to purchase a hat for your Buddy soon!

Here he is, all dressed and feeling like a new man!!!

I found great inspiration for redressing Buddy Lee dolls form this website

I just repainted a blonde buddy too.

Both Buddys live with Michelle in Mesa, Arizona now! Blonde Buddy is the guy in the middle. So cute.

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