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Trusting someone to restore or repair your antique composition doll can be a difficult decision.  Whether your doll is a cherished family heirloom, or a collectible that you want to restore to it’s original beauty, hiring a restoration artist is a leap of faith. . . Finding a restoration artist or “Doll Doctor” to restore my beloved Miracle on 34th Street Baby Beautiful is what inspired me to learn composition doll restoration and repair. 

My vision of doll restoration and/or repair is to bring the doll back to it’s original condition.  I have spent years learning doll repair and refining my skills.  My area of expertise is composition dolls.  However, I have experience with minor repairs for hard plastic and vinyl dolls as well. 

Arlington Doll Rescue offers the following services:

  • cleaning and repair of cloth doll bodies

  • restringing dolls

  • iris and eyelash transplant

  • resetting eyes, teeth and tongues

  • clean and reset wigs

  • reconstruction and repair of fingers, toes and other doll parts

  • complete composition doll restoration

  • custom made doll clothing appropriate for the era including replica clothing of original costumes


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