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A Little More About Arlington Doll Rescue

I grew up playing with my grandmother's Baby Beautiful. I developed an interest in doll restoration when I sent my beloved Baby Beautiful “Betty Lou” to have a full restoration.  The results were stunning, and I was overjoyed.  I was looking for the factory original attire for a Baby Beautiful on eBay and noticed all of the dumpster dollies out there and felt the need to save them.  I found a class within driving distance of my home and have been saving these little darlings one doll at a time every since. I quickly decided specialize in composition dolls and I have been working on composition dolls for 8 years.    These dolls are restored/repaired in a smoke-free home. 

I only do what the doll needs, and leave as much of the original paint and finish as possible. There are no missing fingers or toes. The eyes and facial features are all present and neatly painted.  I use paints which are very similar to the ones used by the factory. I try to send them out redressed in an outfit that uses materials true to the era. I strive to use only cotton, rayon and silk.  I avoid polyester fabric and lace when ever possible.  This is truly a labor of love, I am simply  restoring and/or repairing these babies one baby at a time for generations to come. 

Endorsements & Memberships

  • Antique Doll Restoration Composition and Hard Plastic Certificate

  • Member:  Doll Doctor Association

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