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This 22" Composition Effanbee Sweetie Pie came to me with damage to her right eye and loss of paint where her wig once was. I removed her head and flirty eyes, repaired the damage to her eye with 2 part epoxy, primed and airbrushed her head , hair and blush. Her facial details were painted with acrylic paint and her face was sealed with a UV protecting sealant. Her flirty eyes were reset. Her arms and legs were treated for minimal craze control. She has been redressed in a darling cotton baby dress appropriate for a doll her age, I made her a new bonnet and she is wearing antique crocheted booties with cotton baby socks. The toys are photo props and not part of this sale. She is a beautiful big baby and will make a wonderful addition to your collection.

22"Effanbee Sweetie Pie Composition Doll


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